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Marcelo Pereira. 


Bass/guitar/electronic music producer. Born in Curitiba/PR - Brazil. Bachelor in Popular Music by FAP - Faculdade de Artes do Paraná (Paraná Art School). He began his bass studies with Glauco Solter in the Conservatório de MPB (Popular Brazilian Music Conservatoire), improving with Arismar do Espírito Santo, Sizão Machado, Ronaldo Saggiorato and Tiago do Espírito Santo in the Oficinas de Música de Curitiba (2000 a 2009)(Curitiba's Music Workshops). He studied guitar with the teachers Rodrigo Grigoletti, Maurílio Ribeiro, Oliver Pellet and Mario Conde. He participated in the Oficinas de Música de Curitiba (Curitiba's Music Workshops) studying guitar with the teachers Julio Herrlein and Dino Rangel. No Conservatório de MPB (Popular Brazilian Music Conservatoire) he studied harmony with the  teacher Ian Guest. Integrating the bands Dona Preta, Cambuquira and Badulaque, he made composition works and arrangement creations performing in many house musics and theater from Curitiba, metropolitan area, countryside and seacoast of PR. As an integrant of the Orquestra à base de Sopro do Conservatório de MPB (OABS), have already been played beside off great Brazilian musicians like: Léa Freire, Itiberê Zwarg, Roberto Sion, Toninho Ferragutti, Teco Cardoso, André Mehmari, Nailor Proveta, Arrigo Barnabé, Gabrielle Mirabassi e Waltel Branco. In 2004, as the OABS bass player, recorded the album Mestre Waltel in tribute to the composer Waltel Branco; in 2009 recorded the DVD “Arrigo Barnabé”, an adaptation to the OABS from the work “Clara Crocodilo” and the unprecedented composition “Metamorfose”, specially made by Arrigo to the Orquestra a Base de Sopro; in 2012 the OABS launched the CD and DVD “Nossos Compositores”, the works bring a composition to the orchestra by Marcelo Pereira. He was integrant of the  Maria Faceira Orquestra de Gafieira, with whom performed besides of: Robertinho Silva, Nailor Proveta, Léa Freire, Walter Alfaiate, Vinícius Dorin and many others. He is integrant e founder of the band Baque Solto wich plays since 2002 in bars, theaters and music festivals in Brazil, besides making authoral works. The Baque Solto released the first CD in 2012, in wich signed the music direction as well. He oncluded in 2009 the course of the Musical Production by Aimec, Academia Internacional de Música Eletrônica (International Academy of the Electronic Music). At the same year, he and the accordeonist Marina Camargo build the Live Pa duet (electronic music live) Folebaixo Lounge. In 2010 the duet participated in a Live Pa tournament , the I Aimec Live Tournament and won the first prize. In 2013 created a multimedia show "Ócios do Ofício", beside Marina Camargo and the musician Bruno Karam, a  musical based in the work of Manoel Carlos Karam, a multimedia performance wich envolves music, theater, literature and  visual projections. In 2014 he performed with the Folebaixo Lounge in the Nosso Jogo festival in Vienna, Austria.

Marcelo is teacher of bass in the Conservatório de MPB (Popular Brazilian Music Conservatoire) since 2002 and and he is teacher of acoustic and electric guitar as well.

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